The GreenSwapp Trial API

Base URL

What products can you search for?

This trial API is free to test on any type or brand of milk - from oat milk to full-fat milk, and Nestle to Oatly. The full version can be purchased.


Product name format

Just search for the full product name as it appears on the package. As long as you clearly state what type of milk it is in English, our AI can figure out what you mean and return the correct carbon footprint per liter of your milk product along with a comparison to the average cow's milk sold in the world. Don’t worry about the format - it is up to you if you want to enter any additional information such as the brand name, the volume of the product, price, barcode number, etc.

What recipes can you search for?

This trial API is free to test on any type of pizza. The full version can be purchased.


Recipe name format

Simply search for any pizza's name - such as Quattro formaggi pizza or Tartufo pizza. Two things to keep in mind -

  1. Make sure to use the word "pizza" in the search terms.
  2. Just make sure the search term isn't too generic like "Tony's special pizza" which doesn't tell us what type of pizza it is, we'll be able to find the ingredients, and their quantities.

Free trial limit

You can test our API for free up to 20 milk products (or SKUs) and 5 pizza recipes. If you like it and want more, simply drop your credit card details and get an API key to access our full dataset of product and recipe CO2 values.


The GreenSwapp API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Want to learn more? → Go to our website: GreenSwapp.

This is version 0.8.0 of this API documentation. Last update on Oct 5, 2022.